"We produce for the world..."

In order to ensure a sustainable development and be able to minimize the adverse impacts of the products it produces and in all processes taking place on the environment, Makel has made the environmental protection of its objective. Within scope of all these endeavors, we as Makel undertake:

  • Implementation, supervision, constantly improvement and sustainability of Environment Management System,
  • To comply with environment – related internationally – recognized arrangements, national laws / legislation and other liabilities,
  • Following the technologic developments, to prevent environmental contamination, minimize the wastes at their sources, recycle them to the extent possible, and dispose non-recyclable wastes or get them disposed of without causing any damages to the environment, 
  • Continuously promoting the environmental performance, to reduce usage of natural resources,
  • To have our policy of environment heard by our customers, suppliers, employees, all  interested parties and make contribution in developing the environmental awareness in the competent parties as well, by keeping it open and

Makel is a firm which does not use the substances that are harmful to health in its products. (According to WEE and RoHS regulations that are mandatory directives of European Union; Amount of Using harmful agents (chrome, lead, cadmium etc.) in the product and in the components forming the product has been restricted for avoidance of environmental damages to happen during production of electrical – electronic devices.) 

For this purpose, the activities within body of Makel are being executed in compliance to the ISO 14000 Environmental Management System and RoHS regulation. Considering that it is hazardous for the country and humanity, an agreement has been concluded with a establishments holding a special license for its elimination