• Is a leader and follower technological developments
  • Customer prioritization
  • Attach importance to training that will improve all employees and increase their personal
  • contributions,
  • Carry out production according to standards,
  • With constantly developing suppliers,
  • Continually improve efficiency of quality management system and reach quality targets


  • Keeping the customer expectations in the forefront,
  • Is to become a company which is a leader in its sector,
  • Follows the technological developments,
  • Makes necessary investments,
  • Paying importance to the trainings that will develop all employees and augmenting their individual contributions and developing its suppliers constantly and continuously improving effectiveness of its Quality Management System and having reached at the targets of quality determined.


  • Is to become a firm that has less environmental effect in its all activities and uses more recyclable raw materials and technologies,
  • Complies with environmental legal legislation and customers requirements,
  • Takes its wastes under control and prevents environmental pollution by disposing it properly,
  • Ensures effectively usage of energy and natural resources,
  • Conducts environmental awareness promotion – oriented studies for all of our employees and suppliers,
  • Constantly improves effectiveness of Environment Management System and having reached at its previously defined environmental targets.
  • System and product certificates will be used in form as contained in our current web page.


V : Voltage
A : Ampere
AC : Alternating Current
DC : Direct Current
~ : Alternating Current
IP : Indicates that it is protected against solid objects and water.
IP 40: Indicates that it is protected against wire or similar solid particles greater than Ø1 mm and water splashes.
AX : Shows that it has passed through Fluorescent lambs – related experiments.


  • TS 4915 EN 60669–1: Switches – for stationary electrical installations at the houses and similar spaces
  • TS IEC 60884–1: Plugs and Receptacles Used from Houses and the like.
  • TS EN 60670–1: Junction Boxes and Casings – for the fixed auxiliary electrical installations used cfrom houses and the like.
  • TS 5018–1 EN 60898–1: Electrical auxiliary hardware – Circuit breakers – For over – current protection means used from the houses and the like - Chapter 1: Alternating current (o. c.) circuit breakers.
  • TS EN 61008–1: Residual Current – Activated Circuit Breakers – Used from the Houses and the like (RCCB) – Where There Is Not an Inseparable Compact Over Current Protection
  • TS EN 60947–2: Low – Voltage Switchgear and Controller.


  • Marking Test
  • Dimensional control test
  • Protection against Electrical strike
  • Grounding arrangement
  • Connection Leads
  • Features of being made
  • How to make fixed receptacles
  • Features of making plugs and receptacles
  • Mechanism
  • Resistivity against aging, damaging water entry and humidity
  • Insulation resistance and electrical durability
  • Heat Increase
  • Opening – Cutout Capacity
  • Cutout Capacity
  • Normal Operation
  • 28 day Testing
  • Mechanical and electrical resistance test
  • Force required for pulling off the plug
  • Flexible cables and their connections
  • Mechanical resistance
  • emperature Resistance
  • Screws, current carrying sections and connections
  • Surface leakage path lengths, isolation distances and distances through sealing compound.
  • Corrosion resistance
  • Unusual heat and fire resistance
  • Surface Leak resistance
  • Performance in reduced short-circuit currents
  • Performance at 1500A short - circuit
  • Performance at operating short-circuit capacity (Ics)
  • Performance at stated short-circuit capacity (Icn)

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