"We produce for the world..."

Having been constituted within structure of Makel Companies Group in year 1998 in order to manufacture electric meter, MAK-SAY has been offering superior service perception of its products being domestically designed as a whole from its modern an d advanced technology – based production facilities with its specialized R&D staff at its advanced laboratories to the consumers without any tolerance in quality.    

In 1998, Mak-Say has started its production with the electromechanical electric meters, as for year 2002, it has enhanced its strength by producing electronic electric meters in the sector. Having designed and manufactured the meters bearing all types and characteristics needed by market upon introduction of Mono-phase, D-phase and single and multi-functional, high – precision industrial meters in addition to its new designs, Mak-Say is a company which has the widest product range of Turkey, all of which are completely domestic and it is a well-known firm.        

Even though, its main subject of production is the meter, having also drawn attention with the products it manufactures being oriented towards other requirements of the sector, MAK-SAY has been producing also OSOS – compatible integrated modems being one of the basic components of Makel USOBIM (Remotely Meter Reading and Data Process Center) being its system solution for remotely reading of Panel meters and Meters consisting of Reactive Power Control Relay developed to fulfill reactive combination requirements of the firms and Voltmeters and Multimeters.      

Upon its investments made in year 2010, having increased its annual production capacity up to 3 millions, M AK-SAY is the market leader in the sector of electronic electric meters in terms of annual meter production and market coverage under MAKEL trademark. 

Being a firm which does not only keep up with the technologic developments but also makes all necessary technologic investments required for the processes without interruption, Mak-Say has achieved the targets of quality and efficiency in production:

With its R&D – purpose laboratory investment equipped by the test apparatus supplied from the firm which are the world’s leaders in their areas where all tests required for meter design conforming to international standards, geographical conditions of our country, requirements of our electric distribution grid can be performed, 

With the investment of computerized, precision adjustment and test benches purchased form german Zera firm, being a leading firm in the sector, where the adjustments and tests of all meters produced can be automatically executed,

With its investments made to the state-of-art technology product typesetting and soldering machines procured from American and Japanese firms, automation line installed so as to make an uninterrupted production without development of intermediate stock at an typesetting speed 80000 component/h and electronic card typesetting production having the state – of – art technology, on which hand-free fast, precision and error-free card typesetting can be made and  in-factory automation system investments ensuring the process approach.